upon my studying for this final, i started to read the gidden’s text book. when i got to gender inequality, something grabbed my attention. Sociologist Christine Williams found that men working in traditionally female jobs were quickly promotedto an administrator position. ex. preschool teacher–>preschool administrator/principal.

this means that society almost subconsciously has decided that men aren’t supposed to work in jobs that are traditionally female. yes its unfair for the ladies, we aren’t considered for administrative positions before males are, but why is it such a taboo that a man may want to work in a preschool or as a nurse instead of a doctor. the heads of hospitals or schools must be making their decision at  the end of the year as to who will next be promoted, and because the social identity of women is still, even in the modernity of our society, not to be in charge. so they will choose the male. not because he is better at what he does but becuase he looks like he could lead.

what will it take to break the glass ceiling. a glass elevator all for women perhaps,or just a pioneer lady in the next election (that isn’t sarah palin). Glass ceiling says that as women tend to progress in their careers, they will do so until mid-level management positions, but they do not move proportionately to males through higher ranks of a corporation.

comparable worth, which is a policy that compares pay levels of jobs held disproportionately by women with pay levels of jobs held disproportionate to males, tries to adjust pay so women and men who work in female-dominated or male-dominated jobs are not penalized