Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for European American compared to African American.

I’m not particularly surprised by this result. Although I don’t consider myself to be “racist” (meaning that I don’t believe in the inherent supremacy of one ethnicity or culture over another), most of my social ties are Northern European descendants and I have a preconception of how some minorities are supposed to act due to stereo types—ones which definitely don’t hold true all the time, but as I said once a while ago: “Gangsta rappers and Mexican lawn-care companies aren’t helping anything…”

I also took the weapons test:

Your data suggest little or no association between Black American and White American with Harmless Objects and Weapons.

This surprised me a little. For some reason I expected a bias towards black americans. In retrospect I’m wondering if it wasn’t the choice of weaponry. I actually do associate guns, semi-automatic hand guns in particular, with gang violence, where as the mace and axe I associate strongly with medieval europe and thus white people.