I did some Implicit Association Tests, out of curiosity and I found out a lot of things about myself. For instance, I have a moderate automatic preference for people with light skin. I thought that this would me kind of hard to determine from the tasks I was asked to perform. But, the test seemed to be sure of itself. I suppose that without my knowledge, since my entire family has light skin, I would have a preference towards them. I don’t think this makes me racist towards people with dark skin. I think it just shows that I identify with people who look like me more than people who do not. I think that everyone would do the same. I also found that I have a moderate automatic preference towards young people versus old people. This, I reasoned was because most of the people I spend time with, are younger people. I also have had some disconcerting experiences with my grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s, which would probably make me prefer people who haven’t given me as many disconcerting experiences. It doesn’t mean I’m ageist, it only means I prefer people who look like me and people who look like other people that I’ve had really good times with. I also discovered that I had little to no automatic preference between thin people and fat people. I was surprised by this, because, I and my friends as well as most of the people I know and spend time with are thin, or moderately so, at least. I thought for sure I’d show automatic preference to thin people. So, this surprised me.