The Implicit Association test proved, for me at least, to have an answer that was fairly obvious to me from the start. It said that I slightly prefer black people to white people. I figured the test would say that when I began, but I would’ve liked it to say that there was no preference of one over the other. I thought I was a progressive person, but thinking about it more and more, I find that I am very aware of the racial differences between blacks and whites, and I realize that I’m simply more comfortable with the black culture I was raised with. Being black myself and growing up in black neighborhoods, it’s to be expected that I would have a preference for my own race over others. This, of course, will probably change in a few years to have a more equal preference. Being at Purchase, where white students make up a vast majority I’ll probably be introduced even more to the different culture of whites and be much more welcoming–not to say that I’m not welcoming enough as it is… >_>.