It’s all about Vampires right now with the release of this Twilight thing. Can’t say I’ve read the books or seen the movie, but here’s an interesting related article about “real” Vampires. These ones apparently feed on “energy”:

“We’re taking advantage of the release of ‘Twilight’ ” to try to get some truths out, says Michelle Belanger, a prominent psychic vampire and author of “The Psychic Vampire Codex.” For example, did you know that New York has at least 1,000 self-identified vampires? “If we take that as a sample,” Belanger says, “it’s less than 1 percent, but we’d still have tens of thousands worldwide.”

Repeat: Tens of thousands of people believe they are vampires. It is hard, however, to verify this, seeing as it’s a self-selecting title, and each vampire might have a different definition of what it means to be vampirical. Some are more “Anne Rice,” some are more “Aren’t you my yoga instructor?”

It’s later quoted that these “Vampires” come from all different backgrounds, and that they’re “just like us.” If that’s the case, is this any different than dividing up the rest of us based on skin color or the shape of our noses, when those have little or no impact on who we really are? Is it a form of racialization to keep us separated or are they groups to help us unify? Regardless of whether you actually believe these people, it’s something to think about in terms of networking.