On thursday, which was the last day of class, we had a discussion on gentrification. Prof. Jenkins used NYC and DC as examples by showing the map of the train system. I am from the DC area, and that has been a major issue going on within the black community. There are expensive condos being builtĀ and the raising of property value in areas known to be home to lower middle-class and low income blacks. With this happening, the people in those neighborhoods are forced to move out. They are moving to Prince George’s County in Maryland, which is right past the border of MD and DC (and where I live). I don’t think the people who are doing this is solving anything by trying to make poor neighborhoods look like good areas, when the people who live there just move somewhere else and the same thing is going to happen there. They should just be left alone.

Article about this topic: http://socialismandliberation.org/mag/index.php?aid=134

Website about this topic: http://www.dcgentrification.com/